About Us

Who are we

We are honest, inspired by our past and determined to contribute to our county town in a positive way. We want to create spirits which inspire, which resonate with the local community, speak of our past, our surroundings and of our vibrant future. We want the town to be proud of this Distillery.

The quiet adventurer putting down roots in his home town. Not prepared to daydream any more, he wanted to create a Distillery that the community feels proud of and part of. A lover of all spirits, and very pleased with our signature London dry Gin, he has one eye on the future and the other exciting spirits we have to offer. 



Adding the artistic flair, the balance and calm. With a nose for good flavour and a sense of fun, she can be found planning the many of our upcoming events. A gin lover at heart she has been key in developing the subtle flavours of our contemporary gin.



A recognised gin specialist and botanical expert, Gerard brings 10 years’ experience as a Master Distiller and has designed some of the most successful spirits decorating shelves today.

Distillery Consultant


Our Promise to you


Provenance of our past plays a pivotal role in how our customers experience our brand. We want them to step inside our world and be inspired and enriched by the modern interpretation of this great legacy.


To re-establish a sense of identity for

Maidstone. Embrace and nurture the people who support our cause. We must treasure their participation, supporting engagement and making sure they stay connected to our story.


We work with a leading master distiller who uses botanicals from the local area and reclaimed recipes from the past to create remarkable products which are distinct and unforgettable.


We create unique, interactive and engaging experiences for our customers by always putting the them at the heart of all decisions we make as a business.


The vision

We will open a Distillery in the heart of our town, in a beautiful building where people can learn of our legacy, where they can see our spirits being made, where people can experience the art of distilling first hand in a fun and exciting way. A place where people can relax and enjoy a drink in great surroundings. We have a great team, exciting products and plenty of innovative ideas and ambition.


How can you be part of this exciting project

We want the community to be involved. We have some exciting ideas of how people can get involved and support what we are doing, as well as learn about us. There will be special offers, events and opportunities to be part of this intoxicating journey, and we will listen to you. Follow us on social media, or subscribe to our newsletter. It's going to be exciting, interesting and engaging - there is Pride in Our Spirit.

Pride in Our Spirit since 1785.

Thirsty for more? We want to have you along... Be part of this exciting journey.