Ranscombe Wild Gin : A Partnership with Plantlife

The Maidstone Distillery is forging an exciting partnership with UK conservation charity Plantlife, to create a new gin distilled with wild foraged botanicals from Plantlife’s flagship nature reserve in Cuxton, Kent.


‘Ranscombe Wild’ will be one of the first gins produced by The Maidstone Distillery. It is  a contemporary artisan gin, with a flavour influenced by our local surroundings and is distilled in Maidstone. It takes its inspiration from the stunning wild plants of the countryside, with the botanically rich, ancient landscape of Kent being of particular reference; Ranscombe Farm nature reserve, the source of the gin’s distinctive botanicals, is internationally important for its wildlife and one of the most important places in Britain for wild flowers.


The Gin will be a celebration of these wild plants, both locally and across the UK, and a donation from every bottle sold will go to Plantlife to help its valuable conservation work to save wild plants. To help celebrate this partnership Plantlife have extended a 50% discount to our Founding Members who may wish to purchase a membership with them.

The ‘Ranscombe Wild’ recipe, which is in development now, is experimenting with extracts of Calamint, Marjoram, Beech leaves, Poppy seeds and Red clover - all sourced from Ranscombe Farm nature reserve where they grow abundantly.

Ranscombe Wild gin will be available to buy soon. Subscribe to our website for future updates and become a Founding Member before we open to have access to reduced rates of Plantlife membership as well as a host of other benefits. 

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Over 700 species of wild flower grow on the UK’s road verges – nearly 45% of our total flora.  And where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows… a multitude of bees, butterflies, birds and bugs.  All enjoyed by 23 million road commuters.

Visit Plantlife's website to find out more about the campaign to introduce guidelines to manage road verges better, by cutting less and allowing native wild plants to grow. Find out more here: https://plantlife.love-wildflowers.org.uk/roadvergecampaign/#campaign

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